Friday, January 22, 2010


Life. WOW! Be careful, the beauty we see and the beauty we seek disappears so quickly if we don't hold onto that which is sacred. What is sacred? People, relationships, life is sacred, family, freedom, freedom to fail and freedom to succeed. Emotions are sacred. When I say sacred, I don't mean to say that we grovel at these things or these people. Life is like a garden and it needs attention and love, care and concern. Groveling distances us from that which is sacred and it distances us from the real and true sense of that which is sacred.
When I think of the invitation that Jesus Christ extends to all of us to come unto Him, none of that invitation makes me feel like I am groveling. He wants to me to come unto Him and walk with Him and talk with Him. Really He wants me to share my life with Him and with those around me. This life was never meant to be a life of solitude, we were meant to be with and interact with one another.
I think of my cousin Brandon who is in Afghanistan right now with the Marines. The love he communicates to his wife Jaquelyn is so inspiring. The life we live here in the United States is such a privileged life. The time we spend here from day to day is so sacred. We are blessed with so much, what an opportunity to serve and to give to the world and to LIFE!

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